The "Longhorn Tavern and Restaurant", Coxville, Indiana. This signed print is by famed Indiana artist Denzil Omer "Salty" Seamon, 1911 - 1997.

Seen in caricature, Tex has his gun placed firmly in Sunset Carson's left ear.

The same shot as the caricature drawing above shows Robert Filmer, Tex Terry, Zon Murray, and an unknown gun slinger in the midst of the battle in El Paso Kid, 1946.

In this Mexican movie poster, entitled "Dinero Maldito", Tex Terry appears in the top right of photo with his hat off. Note that the english translation of this movie is "Helldorado". In the U.S., it was "Heldorado", leaving out one "L" to make it more family friendly.

"El Rural Audaz", known to us as "Alias, Billy the Kid". Tex Terry and Roy Whiteman, bottom right, are once again quick on the draw and eager to show their bad side.

A gathering of old pals in the twilight of their careers.
Tex Terry, left, with Wild Bill Cody and "Arkansas Slim" Andrews.

The "Bad Man". Looking good !

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