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( Originally titled One-Eyed Horse )

Written and directed by Wayne Shipley


Mark Redfield as Justin Gatewood
Mike Hagan as William Tecumseh Curry
Jennifer Rouse as Helen Gatewood and Kelly Potchak as Katherine Louise Curry

The Story

Missouri 1887.

In his 52nd year, former Union officer William Tecumseh Curry (Mike Hagan) has finally achieved a separate peace. Twenty-two years after Lee’s surrender, Curry’s disillusionment over his role in this nation’s bloodiest conflict has abated, supplanted by the rigors of a successful horse ranch, his legacy to a willful but loving daughter who is about to become a woman. His relative quietude is crushed when Justin Gatewood (Mark Redfield), a man from his past, resumes an obsessive vendetta.
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 A Tribute to Tex Terry

In Memorium

Tom Drury
Dec 1959 - Dec 2011

Tom Drury played the role of henchman "Ed Earl Terry". Tex Terry, who's full name was Edward Earl Terry, would be pleased to know that his image as "Bad Man of the Movies" will be remembered in this film. 
Every Kid's Dream.... Riding with the "Bad Guys"
Joe Hayes
Ted Osborn, TexTerry.Com webmaster, is henchman Joe Hayes in this screenshot from One-Eyed Horse.  Ted is also known by his SASS name, "Texas Ed Earl".


 Bad Boys of OEH 


 Wayne Fletcher as "Ludwell", Tom Drury as "Ed Earl Terry", and Rick Deltuva as "Travis Morris", are as good as "bad" gets.

 About the film's writer / director

Wayne Shipley

Wayne Shipley is retired from Andover/North County High Schools in Anne Arundel County, Maryland where he served as English department chairperson and drama coach. At North County he directed Lil' Abner,Oklahoma, Into the Woods, City of Angels, and West Side Story, often collaborating with musical director Neil Ewachiw. His non-musical efforts at the school include Plaza Suite, M*A*S*H, To Kill a Mockingbird, The World's Worst High School Play, Up the Down Staircase, and Never Mind What Happened, How Did It End?

Ten years ago, Mr. Shipley, along with John Strawbridge and founder Gary Wheeler, formed Actors Company Theatre, where he directed The Fantasticks, Man of La Mancha and The Lion in Winter and tech directed On Golden Pond. Most recently he directed Seussical the Musical for ACT. He has also worked for Merely Players' directing their production of Into the Woods.

Venturing into the world of independent filmmaking, Wayne has worked production crew and appeared in Terror in the Tropics for Midnight Marquee and The Death of Poe for Redfield Arts. He is currently assisting Zero Point Productions with their debut project Convergence.

He also has performed as a background actor in Liberty Heights, Species II, Runaway Bride, Pecker and Cecil B. Demented.

Wayne also frequently provides technical direction for Pasadena Theater Company including their productions of Little Shop of Horrors, Dracula and It’s a Wonderful Life. Mr. Shipley is the former Executive Director of The Chesapeake Arts Center and serves on the Board of the Cultural Arts Foundation of Anne Arundel County and the Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce.


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