Tex riding shotgun with Sunset Carson in "Rio Grande Raiders"


Tex as he appeared in his most famous role as Brizzard in "The Oregon Trail", 1959, opposite Fred McMurray


As "Brizzard", Tex uses his whip to take down a citizen in "The Oregon Trail", while Fred MacMurray, standing next to the wagon, looks on. Tex was a very skilled "whip man" and was often asked to display his talents in films without actually appearing on screen. 


Tex Terry, the Cadillac Cowboy. The car boasted hand-tooled leather interior, a 5 foot steer horn, eight guns, silver quarterhorse trophies, 22 silver and gold horseshoes, and a $12,000 price tag.


 Tex and  the Caddy parked at the roller mill in Mansfield Indiana.


The "Longhorn Restaurant and Tavern", Coxville, Indiana, as it looks today. In 2009, it was renamed "Rock Run Cafe and Bakery". New owners have restored many of Tex Terry's original Hollywood cowboy movie stills, posters, and other memorabilia to the interior spaces, creating a cozy and unique dining experience. Be sure to visit their website for a history of the building, dining menus, and driving directions !



Pat Buttrum presents Tex with an award at the Memphis Film Festival, 1981


Tex Terry  1902 - 1985




Tex Terry Photo Gallery 5


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